Phi Phi Islands – The Perfect Paradise in the Tropical Sun

With crystal clear waters lapping on the wide sandy beaches, Phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful tropical resorts in SouthEast Asia, with a huge range of shops, cafes and restaurants to explore, as well as world class hotels and accommodation to suit all budgets.

Phi Phi is made of a small archipelago of 6 islands; the largest two islands, known as Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, are where most of the hotels and accommodation are but you can also visit the uninhabited smaller islands, including the Maya Bay where the Hollywood blockbuster, The Beach, was filmed!

The little known Phi Phi Islands are among the most beautiful and tranquil in the world and with plenty of activities, from hiking to snorkelling, from paragliding to relaxing on the beach, there’s something for everyone!

How To Get There?

Getting to Phi Phi Island is easy from wherever you are in the world! The islands have superb transport links that make it easy to breeze into paradise in comfort and style!

The islands are located less than 50 km away from Phuket and once you’ve arrived at the airport you can travel by either speed boat or a larger ferry to get to your hotel! As you travel across the turquoise waters of the ocean, with the waves lapping against the side of the boat, you can marvel at the spectacular views en route.

The ferry harbor is only 30 minutes drive from Phuket Airport and you can take a bus, taxi or, if you’re travelling with a tour guide they will organise this leg of the journey for you.

To make sure that you get good seats on the ferries, which leave regularly from the Rassada Pier and the Krabi harbor, you should try to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of its departure during the high season. The ferry will take around 90 minutes to make the short trip to the paradise islands whereas the speed boat will get you there in a matter of just 40 minutes!

Most tourists arrive in Phuket from Bangkok where the international airport caters for travellers from all over the globe. Travelling from Bangkok to Phuket is very easy – you can either take a short domestic flight or, alternatively, you can take a bus or hire a car directly from the airport.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Phi Phi Island is beautiful throughout the year with a warm, sunny climate that’s just perfect for a beach holiday! However, you should also be aware that due to the tropical nature of the region there is also a monsoon season during which the weather is hot, wet and, for some, can be oppressively humid! During the monsoon it only rains once a day – unlike other parts of Asia – and so it’s still a great time to visit, particularly if you want to take advantage of the lower prices during the low season.

The most popular time of the year to visit is between December and mid February when temperatures average around 25-28 Degrees Celsius during the day with warm nights – perfect for relaxing in a beach side restaurant as you have dinner. From March onwards the temperatures start to increase until in April it averages around 33 Degrees Celsius, although it’s still great weather for swimming and exploring the reefs.

During the summer months the monsoon begins and ends in the Autumn. It rains each day and it can get pretty humid but it’s still a pleasant time to be on the islands with less crowds and plenty of bargains to be had when booking accommodation.

What Is There To Do on the Phi Phi Islands?

There’s a wide range of activities and things to do while you’re at Phi Phi Island and whether you’re looking for an action packed family vacation or a quiet romantic getaway you’ll be surprised by the possibilities!


The pristine reefs, stunning marine life and picturesque landscape make Phi Phi Island one of the top spots in East Asia for snorkelling. The warm waters and sunny weather creates fantastic conditions to see the ocean floor that is covered with incredible natural wonders that have to be seen to be believed!

You can easily arrange snorkelling tours in advance at your hotel or through the local travel bureau. You’ll be taken out by boat and have plenty of time to explore the unbelievable spectacle of life under the ocean! Ideal for families, couples and single travellers, you’ll never forget the experience.

Scuba Diving.

While you’re on the island you should definitely consider giving scuba diving a try! You can learn to dive at one of the internationally recognised PADI dive centers that teach beginners as well as running day trips to some of the most beautiful dive spots in and around Phi Phi island.

There’s plenty of places to go diving, including the famous Shark Point, King Cruiser Wreck or the Anemone Reef, where you can see the full splendour of the underwater world that hides just under the surface, waiting to be discovered.

As well as the regular diving tours you can also join a shark watching dive! You’ll see the leopard sharks patrolling their territories in packs; and although they look pretty scary, don’t worry, they are not dangerous to humans!

Visit Moo Dee Bay.

Moo Dee Bay is the perfect place for a fun family day trip to a quiet beach. This white sand beach is situated on the eastern coast of Koh Phi Phi Don and is the ideal place to get off the beaten track. The lovely beach has nearby snorkeling and there’s food and drinks available at the Rasta food shack. To get to Moo Dee Bay you can catch a long tail boat from the Phi Phi island Tonsai jetty which will take about 20 minutes to get you there.

Rock Climbing.

Although the best known rock climbing areas in Thailand are found in Krabi Province, Phi Phi island also has some incredible climbs. You can take a tour to the Diamond Cave in Railay but if you want to climb on Phi Phi you can take on the impressive Tonsai Tower! The rock face has nearly 50 bolted routes that you can try your hand at that offer the ideal experience for beginners right up to expert climbers. The claiming is all safe and roped and if you need some guidance or want to hire equipment then it can all be arranged at your hotel. You can join climbing day trips with world famous companies such as Ibex Rock Climbing, Spider Monkey and Deaf Gecko Rock Climbing who will handle all the details for you.

Learn to Cook Thai Food.

If you’ve been enjoying the local cuisine and would like to learn how to make your own when you get back home then why not join a cooking class with the Pum’s Thai Cooking School? The popular school will teach you everything you need to know about Thai food in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The cooking school was founded on Patong Beach although a new branch has recently opened in Tonsai Village. You can choose between a 30 minute lesson during which you’ll learn a few dishes or the 3 hour course during which you’ll learn more about the essential herbs, sauces and techniques used in Thai cooking.


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