The Igloo Village – Discover The Beauty of the Arctic with the Splendour of Luxury

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the spectacular scenes of a genuine winter wonderland then look no further than the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Saariselka Fell in the Finnish Lapland. With world class cuisine served in two on site a la carte restaurants, wood fired saunas, luxurious glass igloo accommodation and the Northern Lights at their best; you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ve woken up in a dream!

The ideal holiday getaway for couples looking for romance or the avid solo traveller, Igloo Village is a one of a kind that has to be seen to be believed. The magnificent views of the landscape and the pristine environment are the perfect backdrop for a unique vacation in Lapland.

Surrounded by the picturesque snowy scenery; your own glass igloo is cozy and warm, with room service available and the excellent resort staff on call you can relax and unwind while watching the Northern Lights and deciding which of the many activities on offer you’d most like to do the next day.

How Do You Get To the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort?

Despite being located deep in the untouched wilderness of Lapland, it’s remarkably easy to reach the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, no matter where you’re travelling from.

The easiest way to get to the Resort is to fly into Helsinki and then take a short domestic flight into the Lapland, arriving at Ivalvo airport. Alternatively, if it’s more convenient, then you can fly into Ivalvo airport from either London or Frankfurt. From Ivalvo airport it’s only a short 30 minute shuttle bus ride to the Resort where you’ll be met by the staff who will show you to your glass Igloo and help with your luggage.

Alternatively, if you are already touring the Lapland region of Finland then you can take a bus to the Igloo Village which will take around 3 hours from Helsinki or you can hire a car and drive yourself. The Resort is located on all up to date GPS systems – so you just need to put in the address; Kiilopääntie 9, 99830 Saariselka, and you’ll be able to enjoy a delightfully scenic drive. The roads in Lapland are excellent so you’ll have no problems with the weather, even in the winter months.

When Is The Best Time To Visit the Igloo Village?

Each season in Lapland is absolutely stunning but the main season to visit the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is between August and late April. During the summer months you’ll experience the amazing Midnight Sun while in the autumn you’ll be staying amongst the magnificent leaves turning red against a glittering snowy backdrop.

There is no light pollution in the Arctic wilderness and so you can enjoy the famous Northern Lights throughout the year; although the best time of year to see the Aurora Borealis is during the autumn and winter months from late August onwards, as the nights start to get dark again.

What Is There To Do At Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort?

Imagine stepping out of your warm thermally heated Igloo onto a fresh layer of crispy snow in the midst of the northern wilderness! Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is one of the most special places on earth with plenty of fun activities and interesting things to do.

Marvel at the Aurora Borealis.

Also known as the Northern Lights, the spectacular phenomenon is one of Nature’s finest miracles. The bright lights in the sky are caused by massive clouds of electrically charged particles that are emitted from the Sun. The lights are mostly visible near the Earth’s poles and so Lapland is the ideal place to see them. The experience is truly amazing and you’ll never forget sharing the moment with a loved one.

Go On A Reindeer Safari.

While you’re staying at the Igloo Village you simply must take a reindeer safari! You sit in small, but comfortable, sledges, warm under blankets while you’re pulled through the forest by reindeers. There’s no more authentic way to see the sites than by reindeer sleigh and on the longer tours you stop for a tasty outdoor lunch en route.

Try A Snowmobile Safari.

If you’re something of an adrenaline junkie then you can try your hand at snowmobiling while speeding through the wilderness. The shorter tours include a coffee break to warm up while the longer safari includes lunch made over an open fire! Alternatively, for the more adventurous, you can also arrange an overnight snowmobile tour which includes spending the night in the depths of the forest.

Guided Snow Tank Safari.

For a more relaxing way to see the beauty of the environment you can take a tour in a specially designed snow tank! The powerful snow tank pulls a panoramic sleigh in which you sit and watch the world go by. As you make your way through the winter wonderland your guide will point out things of interest while explaining all about the wildlife and history of the area.

Fishing Trips.

During the autumn months you can arrange to go on a guided fishing trip and whether you’re a beginner or a pro you’re bound to come back with a catch! The pristine, crystal clear rivers are renowned for their bountiful stocks of fish; where you can hook Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling.

Explore the National Park by Boat.

Lemmenjoki National Park is a beautiful and unspoilt landscape which you can discover by boat. Travelling slowly through the forests on your river cruise you’ll be able to see the Sami Village in Lemmenjoki and then visit the impressive Ravadas Waterfalls. For lunch you’ll stop over on the shore where you can sit around a fire and learn all about the gold mining, reindeer herding and the history of the nomadic Sami people from your expert guide.



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