Take An Unforgettable Trip To The Iconic Troll Wall In Norway

The Toll Wall, known locally as ‘Trollveggen’, is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe and one of Norway’s most famous natural landmarks. Situated in the Romsdalen Valley of the Rauma Municipality, the Troll Wall is among Europe’s oldest tourist attractions, boasting visitors such as the German Emperor Wilhelm II and numerous aristocrats over the years.

With a 1,100-meter vertical rock face, the Troll wall is situated in the spectacular mountain scenery of the Reinheimen National Park with the Rauma river running through the valley below and the popular towns of Andalsnes and Molde within easy reach. The national park has fantastic hiking routes and world-class rock climbing ascents as well as great transport links including the European Route E13 and the Rauma railway. There is also a multitude of excellent nearby hotels, camping sites and restaurants so even as you explore the pristine Norwegian wilderness you won’t be too far from all the modern conveniences!

The Troll Wall hit the extreme sports headlines during the early 1980s when it was the site of the highest BASE jump in history; however, following a series of accidents BASE jumping is no longer prohibited in these treacherous peaks. Even so, the mountains are a favorite spot for mountain climbers, hikers and nature lovers who can safely explore the magnificent views and ancient Norwegian forests that surround the soaring peaks of the Troll Wall.

How Do You Get To The Troll Wall, Norway?

The easiest way to reach the Troll Wall in Norway is to fly into one of the region’s main airports. The closest airport is the Molde Airport Årø. It only takes around 90 minutes to travel by car from the airport to the Troll Wall in Romsdalen Valley. Alternatively, Ålesund Airport in Vigra is around 2 hours drive from Romsdalen Valley while the Trondheim Airport in Vaernes is just over 4 hours and 30 minutes away by car.

Driving from the airport, or taking a taxi, is a magnificent experience in itself because you’ll be driving through some of the most amazing scenery in Europe en route! There are several car rental companies and taxi firms that are based in the main region’s airports so you’ll have no problems arranging your onward travel to Romasdalen.

Another way to reach the Troll Wall is to take a cruise ship to the town of Åndalsnes. This is a truly enchanting way to travel to the area and will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the river scenery unfolding before you. Lastly, you can catch a train into the town of Åndalsnes on the modern, well-maintained European rail network.

What Is The Best Time To Visit The Troll Wall, Norway?

The ideal time to visit the Troll Wall in Norway is during the summer months when the temperatures are pleasantly warm and the evenings are much longer than during the darker winter months. The warmest months in Norway are July and August when daytime temperatures range between 12 and 20 Degrees Celsius. During the height of summer, the skies are clear and blue with weather that is perfect for hiking, kayaking, cycling, climbing and berry picking in the forests. Furthermore, the visitor centers and some of the tourist attractions are closed during the winter so you’ll be able to see much more during the summer.

One thing to be aware of during the summer months is that midges and other insects tend to swarm around waterways and marshy land so you should definitely remember to pack insect repellent for your trip.

What To Do In And Around The Troll Wall, Norway?

Stay In Åndalsnes During Your Visit To The Troll Wall And The Romsdalen Valley.

A great place to base yourself during your visit to the Troll Wall is in the town of Andalsnes, a major regional hub for accommodation, restaurants, shops and transport links. The town is surrounded by incredible snow-capped mountain peaks and is visited by numerous cruise ships that stop off at its Tindekaia harbor.

Located at the mouth of the Rauma river at the Northern end of the Romsdalen Valley, the town is just a short 15-minute drive away from the Troll Wall. However, if you prefer you can even hike straight up through the valley to get to the base of the Troll Wall. While staying in Åndalsnes you’ll also be ideally situated to explore the other main attractions in the area.

Experience Panoramic Mountain Views In Comfort On The Romsdalen Gondola.

For absolutely unbeatable views of the Romsdalen Valley, the state-of-the-art Romsdalen Gondola departs from Åndalsnes and takes you right up to the top of Nesaksla mountain. The cable car passes some of the area’s most beautiful peaks including Vengetindene, Romsdalshorn and the Troll Wall itself.

As the longest cable car route in Norway, the trip takes around 5 minutes to reach the top where you can go hiking around the peaks or stop off at the fully licensed Eggen Restaurant. The restaurant serves regional specialties and has unbelievable views of the valleys below. You can catch the cable car up and down the mountain or, if you prefer, you can hike back down after you’ve had some food and taken in the scenery.

Stop By The Trollveggen Visitor Center.

The Trollveggen Visitor Center is around 10 km from Åndalsnes and has amazing panoramic views of the Troll Wall from its specially designed viewing platform. The center has a lovely cafeteria where you can grab a bite to eat while the on-site souvenir shop is packed full of local arts and crafts as well as postcards and other memorabilia. The visitor center also has an auditorium where you can learn all about the history and stories that surround the Troll Wall. It’s worth noting that the visitor center is only open from June until the end of August.

Take A Day Trip To The Norwegian Mountaineering Centre In Åndalsnes.

The Norwegian Mountaineering Center is based in Åndalsnes and contains the fascinating Norwegian Mountaineering Museum as well as a delightful restaurant and an on-site gift shop. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous then you can try out the indoor climbing wall at the Mountaineering Centre which is suitable for all abilities. The climbing wall is the highest indoor climbing wall in the country so there are a lot of different routes to test out. Finally, you can join a guided climbing tour that departs from the center and takes you up to some of the best peaks in the Romsdal Valley.

See The Stigfossen Waterfalls.

Located just outside of Åndalsnes at Trollstigen, the Stigfossen waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway and is certainly worth a visit during your time in the Romsdalen Valley. The Stigfossen waterfalls are about 20 minute’s drive from the town and make a great half-day trip. There’s a newly renovated visitor center with a viewing platform so you can get right up close to the tumbling waters of the falls.

Go Camping At The Foot Of The Troll Wall.

If you’d like to camp right at the base of the Troll Wall you can stay at the Trollveggen Camping site. The site is situated 10 km from Åndalsnes and boasts incredible views of the Troll Wall as well as Mount Romsdalshorn in the opposite valley. The campsite is right beside the Rauma river where you can try your luck at salmon fishing and there are countless hiking trails to explore in the surrounding mountains and forests. The site is family-friendly, has great facilities and makes a fun place to stay while you discover the endless adventures that await you in the Romsdalen Valley.

Try Your Hand At Fishing In The Rauma River.

Salmon fishing has been an important part of Norwegian cuisine for thousands of years. In fact, during the 1800s salmon fishing became one of the Romsdalen Valley’s top industries and ever since the exciting rivers and incredibly high quality fishing opportunities have attracted anglers and fly fishermen from all over the world. There are dozens of top fishing spots along the Rauma river where you can set yourself up for the day and take on the challenges of the wily salmon and the various stretches of the turbulent water.

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