Aruba – A European Paradise in the Caribbean

Aruba is one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles, located in the Southern Caribbean, about 20 miles off the coast of Venezuela. It might come as a surprise but Aruba is actually part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; with the Netherlands itself, Curacao and Sint Maarten making up the other parts.

Aruba is a uniquely beautiful island, and has a much drier climate than most of the other islands in the Caribbean, making it a favourite for visitors from all over the world. With crystal clear waters and amazing sandy beaches the island attracts holiday makers looking for that perfectly relaxing beach holiday.

So get ready to enjoy the world class beaches, sunbathing or sipping a fruit drink in the shade in a hammock, take a day trip on a catamaran with a champagne breakfast and seafood lunch or see the island and its wildlife on a safari trip. There’s plenty to do on the island but most people go to put up their feet and rest their bodies and souls while savouring the fantastic local cuisine, getting a great tan and maybe taking a dip in the warm ocean waters.

As well as the fantastic beaches and easy going lifestyle, the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, offers a superb selection of restaurants, bars and shops for you to peruse. The capital sits on the western coast of the island, which is where most of the population is centred. From here you can arrange to visit some of the island’s unique nature parks, take a ride on the popular semi-submarine ocean viewer sea cruise, or, if you want to spoil yourself, then why not try the super luxury fine dining evening cruise which departs every night.

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How do I get to Aruba?

It’s very easy to get to Aruba from almost anywhere in the world. You’ll need to fly onto the island but there’s a lot of airline carriers to choose from and some fantastic deals to get there. Flight times to Aruba vary; but from Los Angeles it’s just under 12 hours and it’s 15 hours from London. You’ll arrive in the Reina Beatrix International Airport and from there you’ll have no problem transfering from the airport to your hotel or resort.

Once at the Reina Beatrix International Airport you can easily catch a taxi or hire a car. Alternatively, if you’re part of a tour you’ll find a representative waiting to meet you, help you pick up your luggage and show you to your coach which will be waiting to take you to your hotel.

The airport staff are very used to foreign travellers and there are great facilities to help you find your way to your hotel so your arrival will be stress free and smooth.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Aruba?

Aruba has such a pleasant and stable climate that you can visit throughout almost the entire year! The exception to this general rule are the months of September and October because during this period the main trade winds die down while the average temperature hovers around 90 Degrees Fahrenheit and without the cooling winds it can be a little uncomfortable for some. However, some travellers decide to visit during these months because the prices are far lower!

The best time of all to visit though is between January and March. Prices are higher at this time however the weather is at its best. The rainy season on Aruba runs between late late October and early January, but given that rainfall on the island is pretty scanty this doesn’t pose a major problem, on top of which it usually rains during the night time!

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What is there to do on the island of Aruba?

The island of Aruba is famous for offering a once in a lifetime holiday of tranquility making it the ideal location for people looking to take a breather from the busy modern world. The island is a paradise for a laid back vacation in the Caribbean and caters best to the visitor looking for sun, sand and sea. With luxury shopping, world class cuisine to suit every palate and excellent hotel resorts on pristine beaches Aruba is the number one destination for everybody looking for that perfect holiday to unwind and enjoy some quality time.

Enjoy the beaches of Aruba.

The western coast of Aruba has fantastic white sandy beaches which stretch as far as the eye can see. There are lovely cocktail bars, eateries and restaurants scattered along the shoreline so if you want a drink or a bite to eat it’s all right on hand. From the north western tip of the island, where the wonderful Arashi beach is located, right down to the Isla de Or and Baby beach on the southern tip, beach lovers are absolutely spoilt for choice!

Take in the local culture at the museums.

There are several very interesting museums that you can take a nice afternoon trip to after a morning relaxing on the beach. The Museo Historico Aruba is the oldest building on the island and was built by Dutch military in 1798. The impressive Wilhelm III tower is a popular landmark and the museum has a lovely collection of curios that nicely tell the story of Aruba.

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Spin the roulette wheel at the Ritz-Carlton.

If you fancy trying your luck on the roulette wheel or testing your nerves at poker, then you can swing by the casino at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Oranjestad. It’s open 24 hours so you can pop in anytime you like! The casino also serves drinks and tasty snacks to keep you well fueled.

For a fun trip try the Splash Park.

The amazingly designed Splash Park is a perfect day trip for a family. Kids just love playing around on the slides, jungle gym and obstacle features of the inflatable water park that floats in shallow ocean waters of Surfside beach. You’ve never seen anything quite like this!

Champagne breakfast and lunch cruise.

This exclusive cruise allows you to take in the sites of the island while sipping cool champagne cocktails after a light breakfast. The catamaran tours the island’s coast stopping at three highly renowned snorkelling spots which is followed by a gourmet lunch of local seafood.

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