Guana Island the Beautiful Paradise Private Retreat in the British Virgin Islands

Guana Island is an exclusive, 850 acre private island located in the Carribean. With a fascinating history, half a dozen spectacular beaches, world class cuisine and plenty of activities such as snorkeling, boat cruises and hiking trails; the island is the perfect piece of paradise just waiting for you to discover.

The island’s written history goes back to a Quaker sugar cane farm, and after several subsequent acquisitions the island is now owned by the Jarecki family, who as well as providing a unique experience for tourists from all over the globe are also engaged in valuable conservation work.

The island is the ideal destination for a honeymoon, family holiday or anyone who wants to experience the secluded tranquility of the Caribbean. Guana Island has surprisingly good transport links and a great selection of cottages and exquisite villas to rent, making this hidden gem a must do!

Accommodation on the island also boasts maid and laundry services as well as a private chef, so you can really enjoy the luxury lifestyle of the island with all the trimmings! There are also water sports, tennis and a highly rated organic orchard to explore, as well as divine beaches where you can get a massage, buy drinks from a nearby bar or taste the local food while having a picnic to remember.

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How to Get There?

To reach the island it’s easiest to travel by air and land on the neighboring island of Tortola. From Tortola you can catch a regular ferry to the smaller and more exclusive Guana Island. You can also charter a helicopter to make the short trip to get some amazing views across the stunning Caribbean scenery.

If you’re travelling by air, you can fly by many routes to reach the island. From Europe and the UK you can fly from London’s Gatwick Airport to Antigua, while from the USA you can catch a flight from New York, Boston and Miami to Antigua. From Antigua you can take a short flight onwards to the island of Tortola. The views out of the window during the flight are incredible as you come in to land so have your camera handy! From Tortola it’s a very short ferry ride to Guana Island.

Once you arrive on the island you’ll be met by the friendly resort staff who will show you to your accommodation.

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When is the Best Time of year to Visit?

The island is a paradise year round, however during hurricane season the resort can sometimes be closed. Hurricane season runs from June to early November. The very best time of year to visit is between January and April, although December is a popular month for tourists as well. Whenever you do go though, the island will spoil you with its friendly local charm and taste of the Caribbean.

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What is there to do there?

Guana Island’s pristine ecosystem supports the endangered roseate flamingo, the island’s rock iguanas and the wonderful red footed tortoise; but it also makes a welcoming, fun and relaxing temporary home for tourists and visitors from all over the world. Whether you want a holiday to put up your feet and get some serious Rest and Relaxation or whether you’d like a more active break, this small island has a great deal to offer!

Walk, paddle or sunbathe on the amazing beaches of Guana Island, which are locally known as ‘treasure beaches’ because of the huge abundance of stunning shells, as well as of course, the outstanding natural beauty of the surrounding coral reefs and underwater shipwrecks festooned with marine life.

Take a guided tour of the Guana’s fully organic orchard. You can taste fresh bananas and other fruit straight off the trees, learn about the sustainable organic practises of the orchard and for refreshment you can drink some coconut water directly from a newly opened shell!

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For a sumptuously relaxed experience why not try the beach side spa, where you can be pampered and enjoy a massage. Massages can also be arranged for your cottage or villa terrace so you don’t even need to leave your accommodation! The beach side spa has great views across the bright blue waters, where you can also sample fresh fruit juices and other island delicacies.

There’s a wide variety of water sports available on the island, including, but not limited to, small boat sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling. You can also take an evening sunset cruise, or arrange to charter boats and even helicopters during the day to take in the magnificent sites of the surrounding areas.

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The island offers especially unique catering, with a local, on site chef and staff who prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Meals are included in the cost of your stay so you can really make the most of the fantastic food that’s available. Meals are taken on elevated terraces with views across the ocean, with regularly Barbeques on the beach in the evenings.

Take a picnic while being castaway on a deserted beach for a romantic experience you’ll never forget! A boatman from the island of Guana will take you to a perfect white sandy beach, and leave you there with a delicious picnic, chilled wine and privacy. The boatman will come and pick you up later at a time you prearrange.

After a lovely day in the sun, why not take in a movie? Movie nights are held in the Garden of Eden, where popcorn and wine is provided. You can also make a request for your favourite movie and the staff will make sure to play it for you!

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